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We are the
authorized Sales Representatives for Timberhaven Log Homes, Inc. in Middle Tennessee with our model located in Mt Juliet. We love our recently built log home.  We know that the design and construction of your home can be overwhelming, so we are here to help guide you through the process.  Our experience covers many areas of design, purchasing, and construction processes.  Contact us today so we can help you build your dream log home!
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 G Log Homes Living Room

G Log Homes Dining and Stairs

TIMBERHAVEN LOG HOMES: Your Best Choice for a Log Home

Any company can tell you they are the best. But will they stand behind their word? We will. Timberhaven Log Homes manufactures the highest-quality, most affordable kiln-dried, log home and log cabin packages in the industry.
Here's why:

  • We offer solid logs (average moisture content of 19%) or laminated logs (average moisture content of 9%). Our logs are graded to exceed Log Homes Council grading standards.
  • We stand behind these logs with a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Name-brand products such as Andersen windows and Therma-Tru Doors come standard in our log home and log cabin packages.
  • You will find we are affordable and the most complete.

Watch our video to learn about Engineered Log Advantages by Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes 
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We encourage you to take some time to carefully explore our website and
Timberhaven Log Homes' site, make a list of questions, research a few other manufacturers, and then ask us to put our passion to work by assisting you with your log home dream.

Quality That Lasts
Quality is an integral part of Timberhaven Log Homes. We pay careful attention to each step in the log home manufacturing process to ensure a quality log home that will last a lifetime.

  • Kiln-Dried Laminate Logs with 9% average moisture content give superior strength and stability with little to no checking, warping or twisting
  • Kiln-Dried Solid Logs/Timbers with an average moisture content of 19% or less
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all wood components manufactured by Timberhaven Log Homes
  • Name-Brand Components are standard in every Timberhaven Log Homes package
  • Quality Assurance with each log graded and stamped with the Log Home Council’s certification for a true non-settling log home

Custom Built To Your Style
Everyone’s style is unique and Timberhaven Log Homes encourages you to express your style. Let us help you by offering:

  • Free custom design to create a unique custom log home that perfectly matches your lifestyle
  • Hundreds of pre-drawn models to provide ideas or starting point for your custom log home or custom log cabin
  • Many profiles and corner assemblies to choose from, as well as rustic “hand-hewn” finishes

Service you Can Count On
Timberhaven Log Homes provides unparalleled service and support – before, during and after your log home has been built.

  • Technical assistance is just a toll-free phone call away
  • Detailed drawings to assist builders and do-it-yourselfers alike
  • Precut log home packages that take the guess-work out of cutting in the field by doing it in our factory
  • Presorted inverse stacking that saves time on the job site

Log Profiles

Eastern White Pine is our premium log wall material. Select from more than a dozen distinctive log profiles available in six different sizes, including our popular “D” profile, massive 6” x 12” Dovetail and more.  An optional hand-hewn finish (inside or out) is available for most profiles, and you can also specify corner detail options as noted. All different profiles within each size category are priced identically. Other log profiles & corner options are available.

6" x 8" Log Profile Ends: D, Single Bevel Colonial,
Double Bevel Colonial & Dovetail

      8" x 6" Log Profile Ends:
      D and Super Double Round

6" x 8" D Profile w/Dovetail Corner

6" x 8" D Profile w/Mortise & Tenon Corner
Contact Us:
Phone:       615-444-5196
Fax:            615-449-3011
PO Box 294, Gladeville, TN 37071

Note: We supply log home building components and provide building materials package for the construction of homes.  We do not provide construction services.  It is critical that the person building the home have sufficient knowledge to construct the house, independent of Timberhaven Log Homes, LLC and/or G Log Homes.
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