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The kiln-dried lumber is then planed to ensure uniform thickness and to create the best possible gluing surfaces. As the kiln-dried lumber is staged to begin the gluing and hardening process our highly trained and experienced staff again inspects and grades the materials to insure the best possible faces are set to the inside and outside of the finished log. 

After the lamination press is complete we take samples from each piece to ensure that it meets or exceeds the strict breaking tolerances set by the industry (performed according to ASTM D905 and AITC T107) which is 1,300 psi. After the timbers have been produced, they head to the profile moulders and then to the cut line.

This process results in the most stable, virtually check free, high grade log available in the market.  We are very proud to offer this high quality and truly unique product to the log home and log cabin market.

Note: We supply log home building components and provide building materials package for the construction of homes.  We do not provide construction services.  It is critical that the person building the home have sufficient knowledge to construct the house, independent of Timberhaven Log Homes, LLC and/or G Log Homes.

Our kiln-dried engineered log material starts with pure premium grade Eastern White Pine Logs. The logs are run through the saw mill and cut to yield the best possible face. The lumber is placed into dry kilns. We patiently apply heat to the lumber to dry the boards down to an average of 9% moisture content. Moisture readings are taken several times throughout the process to ensure a uniform dryness. When we have achieved the 9% average, the kiln-dried lumber is removed from the dry kilns.

Kiln-dried solid logs are “pre-shrunk” before milling the final profile. This ensures each log used in your home or cabin is stable and uniform. No severe shrinking or warping occurs.

  • All Timberhaven kiln-dried solid logs are graded and stamped with the Log Homes Council Certification for stress Grades. Defective logs are graded out by trained inspectors, resulting in only the best kiln-dried logs for your home or cabin. This minimizes in-service checking, warping and twisting which occur in the kilns prior to milling and final construction.
  • The high heat used in the kiln-drying process sanitizes the logs killing mold and fungi (which cause wood decay), as well as insects, their eggs and larvae.
  • Pitch in the wood is crystallized during the kiln-drying process, reducing the possibility of the sticky substance seeping to the surface of your kiln-dried log wall.
  • Interior and exterior finishes can be applied immediately to the kiln-dried logs following construction, speeding up the construction schedule and providing immediate protection from the elements. Also, applications absorb deeper and last longer.
  • More than 10,000 pounds of water are removed from the average kiln-dried log home or log cabin, significantly reducing the weight of the logs. Even the longest kiln-dried solid logs are easily handled by two people.
  • Properly kiln-dried solid logs provide the higher insulation values, reducing energy costs and increasing the comfort of your home.

The Additional Benefits of Kiln-Dried Engineered Logs:

  • Engineered logs provide virtually no checking
  • Engineered logs are dryer than a solid log with an average 9% moisture content
  • Engineered logs have a more refined appearance - accepts stain and preservative the same as the conventional log and beams
  • Laminated logs are stronger - As an engineered product, the alternating grain of the individual plies provides significant strength and stability to each of the laminated log cants, providing stronger and straighter logs than a solid log of the same species and dimensions.
  • Our engineered log provides more log profile options
  • Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes' engineered logs are a superior product at a solid log price!
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kiln-dried Engineered Logs

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