Blue and White Block Quilt with Blue Stripe Velvet back and trim - 108x70 - MG0017

Assorted throw pillows at competitive prices. Contact us for information.

Brown Velvet with Creamy Pleated Silk Throw Blanket 54x60 - MG0040

Blue Velvet with White Linen

Blue Stripe Velvet (blue silky back) 72x68 with matching pillow Blue Brocade with Blue Stripe Velvet Back  25x23 - MG0007

Cream and Red with Brown Trim Throw

65x45 - MG0016

Cream plush velvet with sheer check Throw 61x38.5 - MG0008

Linen brocade print with brown velvet back/trim  throw - MG0024

Below is a sampling of home made throws and pillows with plush, high quality fabrics.  They are great gifts for house warming, Christmas, or other events. Click "add to cart" to purchase through PayPal or email at

G Log Homes

Green Velvet with Stripe Cotton Throw Blanket  55x44 - MG0023

Blue Velvet and White Linen Throw Blanket 54.5x69 - MG0011