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Kiln drying is a complex science. The process controls the amount of moisture in the wood products used to build your log home or log cabin. A large stack of timbers/cants is placed in a sealed building and the temperature is slowly raised to 170°F. Large reversible fans circulate the heated air to help maintain a consistent drying rate. The moisture-laden air is removed from the kiln by dehumidifiers. The drying rate is carefully monitored to prevent an imbalance that can cause cracking. When finished the moisture content of Timberhaven kiln-dried logs is less than 19% average per log.

Determining the Final Moisture Content
Timberhaven Log and Timber Homes uses the accurate “oven dry” ratio method to determine the final moisture content of our logs. Samples of the kiln-dried lumber are weighed and then dried completely in an oven and weighed again. The ratio between the two weights represents the average moisture content of the logs, inside and out. This is a much more accurate method of measuring the moisture content than using a “moisture meter” to measure the outside portion of the wood, which tends to be the driest.

log home material & Package specifications

oUr products

  • Kiln-Dried Laminated Logs with an average of 9% moisture content give superior strength and stability with little to no checking, warping or twisting. 
  • Kiln Dried Solid Logs & Timber Components with an average moisture content of 19% or less. To learn more about our Timber products click here.
  • Large Selection of Log Profiles & Corner Assemblies to choose from, as well as rustic "hand-hewn" finishes.
  • Graded and Certified Logs ensure each log meets the Building System Council’s standards for grading.
  • Name-Brand Components are standard in every Timberhaven Log Home package.
  • Custom Log Home Design Services to create a custom log home home  or log cabin package that perfectly matches your lifestyle.

kiln-drying process

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Timberhaven Log Homes offers you a variety of package selections to ensure you can meet your budget and your construction needs. Combine all three packages and you’re automatically assured of getting the most complete log home or log cabin package available. Be careful when comparing — all log homes are not created equal. Avoid unpleasant surprises — the time to know what’s included in your log cabin kit or log home package is when you buy, not on the job site.

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